Reading The UK Riots: Slavoj Zizek and Living in the End Times (via Reading The Riots)

Let us assume that most of the rioters are indeed stupid and mindless and all that, still these riots do have a political significance. These youths are symptoms of capitalism; they are an inevitable consequence of the internal dynamics of capitalism itself. The riots show us that things cannot go on the way they are. As Marx once put it, capitalism... Continue Reading →

Giorgio Agamben – What is a Commandment? (Audio)

Event Date: 28 March 2011 Clattern Lecture Theatre, Main Building Penrhyn Road campus, Kingston University The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) presents Giorgio Agamben (Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of Paris) What is a Commandment?   Giorgio Agamben is Visiting Professor, Philosophy, University of Paris 8, and is the author of many books... Continue Reading →

Peter Hallward – Arab uprisings mark a turning point for the taking

It's not only in the Middle East that the balance of power is moving. The old neoliberal order has also been shaken...  In the late 1940s, Simone de Beauvoir was already bemoaning our tendency to "think that we are not the master of our destiny; we no longer hope to help make history, we are... Continue Reading →

Anonymous Hackers Target Totalitarianisms All Over the World

A loosely organised group of hackers has been targeting oppressive regimes and has said this is just the beginning. No corporate or government-owned cyberspace is immune from attack by the vast nebula of Anonymous, the non-hierarchichal online activist network bent on disrupting the websites and communication facilities of oppressive regimes, the hackers' group claims. The tendency to... Continue Reading →

Hickman on The Life Death Drives

Here is S.C. Hickman aka Dark Chemistry's rather generous and no less rigorous reading of my doctoral dissertation The Life Death Drives... "Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to enable us to get there."       - Italo Calvino... Continue Reading →

Control and Becoming: Negri interview with Deleuze (via Negri in English)

Negri: The problem of politics seems to have always been present in your intellectual life. Your involvement in various movements (prisoners, homosexuals, Italian autonomists, Palestinians), on the one hand, and the constant problematizing of institutions, on the other, follow on from one another and interact with one another in your work, from the book on... Continue Reading →

Life and Death in a Raving New World (via senselogic) + Being Without Thought: The Unconscious and the Critique of Correlationism (via Complete Lies.)

Life and Death in a Raving New World (excerpt from The Life Death Drives) 1. Freud and Einstein In 1931 the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation invited certain intellectuals to communicate and think about the solutions to the problems facing the world. The First World War was over but the second one was already knocking... Continue Reading →

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI > röportaj – tam metin (via Underground Poetix)

röportaj güzel de, yazı karakterleri o kadar küçük ki okunmuyor... güya wordpress bu hemingway temasını yazarlar için yapmış, okunmak istemeyen yazarlar için yapmış belli ki... her neyse, underground poetix elemanları isteseler bu küçük yazı karakteri sorununa bir çözüm bulurlar aslında ama nedense onlar da bu konuda hiçbir şey yapmıyor... dostça bir uyarı ve öneri olarak... Continue Reading →

Artaud, Deleuze, and the Will to Nothingness

I close the eyes of my intelligence, and giving voice to the unformulated within me, I offer myself the sense of having wrested from the unknown something real. I believe in spontaneous conjurations. On the paths along which my blood draws me, it cannot be that one day I will not discover a truth.[1] Antonin Artaud... Continue Reading →

Hard Times by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) – Audio-Book

Hard Times, the shortest of Dickens’s full-length novels, is set in the fictitious Victorian-England city of Coketown, where facts are the rule and all fancy is to be stamped out. The plot centers around the men and women of the town, some of whom are beaten down by the city’s utilitarian ideals and some of... Continue Reading →

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