Being, Non-Being and Becoming Non-Identical of the Subject as ∅

If the one is not, nothing is. ~ Parmenides In a recent article citing my Postnihilistic Speculations on That Which Is Not: A Thought-World According to an Ontology of Non-Being, the giant of philosophical blogosphere and my fellow para-academic colleague S.C. Hickman has succintly outlined the roots of contemporary ontology. Drawing upon Parmenides, Plato, Meillassoux, Žižek and... Continue Reading →

The Future History of a Non-Reductive Philosophical Agenda

Situating Neuroscience in the Context of Transcendental Realism/Materialism and Non-Reductive Naturalism Inferential Rationality The question I had in mind as I was in search of funding for a research project that would enable me to write “a book comparing the ontological and the epistemological modes of being and thinking in and through which the subject... Continue Reading →

Quentin Meillassoux’s Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction out there now from Univocal

Univocal Publishing ISBN/Code: 9781937561482 Description Details Author Bio Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction by Quentin Meillassoux Imagining a fiction where science is impossible. "In Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction, Quentin Meillassoux addresses the problem of chaos and of the constancy of natural laws in the context of literature. With his usual argumentative rigor, he elucidates the distinction... Continue Reading →

Postnihilistic Speculations on That Which Is Not: A Thought-World According to an Ontology of Non-Being

When everything appears similar, nothing really is... ~ Alain Badiou Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away...  ~ Philip K. Dick It is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism... ~ Fredric Jameson If you are trapped within the dream... Continue Reading →

Agartha: The Inner World of Immortals

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE DOCUMENTS Secret of the Ages UFOs Inside the Earth – Brinsley le Poer Trench The Inner Earth Realm of Agartha Standish, David – Hollow Earth Marshall B. Gardner – A Journey to the Earth’s Interior (1920) Hollow Earth Theory 1 CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE... Continue Reading →

Ray Brassier on the future and what it means to orient oneself toward it (video)

Raymond Brassier Universities & Education Event Date Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT — Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT About Raymond Brassier is a philosopher and a translator of Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillassoux. Author of Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction and a participant in the original “Speculative Realism” conference, he will discuss what... Continue Reading →

Melancholia and the Cartesian Subject

  In his lecture On Melancholy and an essay entitled Melancholy and the Act, Slavoj Zizek claims that melancholia occurs not when we lose the object, but rather when the object is still here although we no longer desire it. According to Zizek, melancholia as Freud defines it in Mourning and Melancholia, shouldn’t be interpreted as... Continue Reading →

Spekülatif Realizm ve Transendental Materyalizm (1-4) Afrika Pazar

Spekülatif Realizm ve Transendental Materyalizm -1-  AfrikaPazar Sayi 348 Spekülatif Realizm ve Transendental Materyalizm -2- AfrikaPazar Sayi 349 Spekülatif Realizm ve Transendental Materyalizm -3- AfrikaPazar Sayi 350 Spekülatif Realizm ve Transendental Materyalizm  -4- AfrikaPazar Sayi 351

How to Squeeze an Entire Universe into Three Seconds or Less: An Answer to ‘Brassier’s Problem’

"The discovery that a number of people are not only mining the problematic that obsessed me when I was a graduate student, but actually homing in on the same family of texts that I had gravitated to has… well, to put it honestly, convinced me that maybe I’m not so crazy after all. I’m not... Continue Reading →

Žižek’s book on Hegel forthcoming

Less Than Nothing "For the last two centuries, Western philosophy has developed in the shadow of Hegel, whose influence each new thinker tries in vain to escape: whether in the name of the pre-rational Will, the social process of production, or the contingency of individual existence. Hegel’s absolute idealism has become the bogeyman of philosophy,... Continue Reading →

The Place of the Real and the Vocation of the Artist, Philosopher, and Theorist (via Larval Subjects.)

A wonderful presentation of the creative subject in relation to art, philosophy, and theory from Levi Bryant... It is shameful whenever the philosopher, theorist, or artist bow to the exigencies of the "pragmatic". When I evoke pragmatism here I am not referring to the philosophical school known as pragmatism, but rather to the term "pragmatism"... Continue Reading →

Speculative Realism/OOO Workshop (Cyprus, 2012)

Apropos the recent call for panel participants our proposal has been accepted for The 13th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas. The SR/OOO panel will be included under Section V: Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, Language. You can see the abstract and call for further participants here. So far we... Continue Reading →

Transcendental Realism (Audio via Deontologistics)

Greetings to all. It’s a bit late for an update, but, as others have already noted (here and here), the Transcendental Realism Workshop that happened last week went very well. I was most pleased with the way the various papers fitted together. A number of important issues recurred throughout the whole day: the relation between... Continue Reading →

The Weird: a discussion of fiction and politics with China Miéville

Event Date: 2 March 2011 Kingston University JG0002, John Galsworthy Building Penrhyn Road Campus Kingston KT1 2EE At the start of the twentieth century, H. P . Lovecraft summed up the encounter between horror and strangeness as ‘pictures of shattered natural laws’ and encounters with ‘cosmic outsideness’. At the start of the 21st century, the... Continue Reading →

Mortal, All Too Mortal: Post-Nihilistic Speculations from Dr. Lawgiverz (3)

If you were to ask me at gunpoint, like Hollywood producers who are too stupid to read books and say, "give me the punchline," and were to demand, "Three sentences. What are you really trying to do?" I would say, Screw ideology. Screw movie analyses. What really interests me is the following insight: if you... Continue Reading →

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