Marx Reloaded: Documentary Featuring Rancière, Power, Negri, Hardt, Zizek and More

Slavoj Žižek – Shoplifters of the World Unite

Zizek weighs in heavily on the meaning of the riots... Repetition, according to Hegel, plays a crucial role in history: when something happens just once, it may be dismissed as an accident, something that might have been avoided if the situation had been handled differently; but when the same event repeats itself, it is a... Continue Reading →

Squaring Nietzsche and Marx: language and capital as social ossification (via Aaron Asphar: poetry, critical theory + philosophy)

Marx’s analysis of production ranks amongst the most thorough and forensic in Western thought, yet for him ‘language’ was a relatively marginal concern. It was theoretically addressed, but not subjected to the kind of interrogation he applied to categories such as labour, money and commodity. Other Marxists addressed language more squarely. An early contribution comes... Continue Reading →

Alain Badiou on Tunisia, riots and revolution (via wrong+arithmetic)

N.B. This is a rough translation of Daniel Fischer’s transcription of the 19 January 2011 session of Alain Badiou’s seminar What does “change the world” mean?. It is not something Badiou has written out. Nevertheless, it gets across his, apparently, impromptu comments on Tunisia, riots and revolution. It appears that Badiou correctly places the riot... Continue Reading →

Hallward weighs in heavily, Harman responds immediately (via Object-Oriented Philosophy)

  Peter Hallward in The Guardian, via Cengiz Erdem’s blog: “Whatever happens next, the people of north Africa and the Middle East have already won victories that will never be erased. The clashes in Tunis on 11-12 January, the capitulation of riot police in Cairo and Alexandria on 28 January, the retaking of Manama’s Pearl... Continue Reading →

New Climes: Critical Theory, Environmentalism, and Climate Change

June 13th 2011 Confirmed plenary speakers: Ian Buchanan (Cardiff University) Claire Colebrook (Penn State University) Timothy Morton (UC-Davis) Climate change is an unprecedented crisis in human history. It is marked by necessary scientific imprecision and met by public confusion and controversy. Discerning climate change involves intricate scientific problems, and responding demands complex cultural strategies, spanning... Continue Reading →

Slavoj Zizek – Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit?

The western liberal reaction to the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia frequently shows hypocrisy and cynicism...  An Egyptian demonstrator uses his shoe to hit a picture of President Hosni Mubarak during a protest in Cairo. Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images What cannot but strike the eye in the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt is the conspicuous... Continue Reading →

Zachary Luke Fraser’s draft translation of the first chapter of Alain Badiou’s Of Ideology

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The Affirmative Recreators of Our Times After Finitude

The recent developments in electronic music present us with a good example of how the inorganic has become, at least in sound, more organic than the organic. With the rapid development of sound-producing machines it has become possible to create such sounds that while listening to it one feels like there is a living organism... Continue Reading →

A Conversation Around Nietzsche Between a Stoic and a Sceptic

Stoic: I found some interesting stuff as I was messing about today, you may have come across it before; Nietzsche responds to Flaubert’s idea that one can only think and write while one is sitting by saying that only those thoughts we think while we walk are worthy of thinking. Unfortunately at the moment we... Continue Reading →

The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism [PDF]

The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek and Graham Harman (editors) Download Pdf eBook  Description "Continental philosophy has entered a new period of ferment. The long deconstructionist era was followed with a period dominated by Deleuze, which has in turn evolved into a new situation still difficult to define. However, one common... Continue Reading →

Agency, Nature and Emergent Properties: An Interview with Jane Bennett (via Para_Doxa)

An Interview with Jane Bennett by Gulshan Khan Jane Bennett is Professor of Political Theory and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. In 1986 she received her doctorate in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. In the following year her dissertation was published with New York... Continue Reading →

Alain Badiou and Slavoj Zizek – Philosophy and Communism (10/15/2010 Video)

A Lacanian Ink Event – Jack Tilton Gallery – NYC, 10/15/2010 Introduction by Josefina Ayerza 

Global Anormalleşme ve Ötesi (Aydınlanma, Post-yapısalcılık ve Eleştirel Teori)

Post-yapısalcılık adlı düşünce akımının son otuz yılda deforme olmakla kalmayıp özündeki ideoloji karşıtı duruşa son derece ters düşen bir şekilde yüceltilerek global kapitalizm dedikleri üretim ilişkileri biçiminin elinde şamar oğlanına döndürüldüğünü artık hepimiz biliyoruz. Ünlü Alman düşünürü Karl Marx’ın tarif ettiği biçimiyle kapitalizm, içinde bulunduğumuz şu günlerde çok daha vahşi bir hal almıştır ve karşıtlarını... Continue Reading →

One Dimensional Woman by Nina Power (via The Blog of Disquiet)

My review of Nina Power's One Dimensional Woman appeared in last weekend's The Sunday Star. It's an important, intelligently-argued book, and I highly recommend that the world reads it. Yes, the world. I've reproduced it in full here: For all of us who happily imagine contemporary feminism to be a uniform and linear yellow brick... Continue Reading →

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