Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Trauma

| First posted on May 4, 2009 | Click Here to Listen | I philosophise only in terror, but in the confessed terror of going mad.[1]  Jacques Derrida The circle of the eternal return is a circle which is always excentric in relation to an always decentered center.[2] Gilles Deleuze  Architecture of The White Hotel   Published in 1981, D.M.... Continue Reading →

Diyalektiğin Limitleri ve Fenomenler Dünyasının Ötesi: Olmayan’ın Gölgesinde Postnihilistik Spekülasyonlar

Namevcudiyetin Ontolojisi Güneş her gün yeni...  ~ Heraklitus Kitab-ı Nihil ve Post-Nihilistik Spekülasyonlar gündoğumları ve günbatımları boyunca yazılıp nihayete erdikten ve neticede Ölümlü, Pek Ölümlü adını taşıyan tek bir kitaba dönüştükten çok kısa bir süre sonra, sözünü ettiğimiz bu kitaba aynı zamanda hem bir önsöz hem de bir sonsöz niteliği taşıması niyetiyle kaleme alınan bu yazı, Alain Badiou, Michel Henry, Gilles Deleuze ve François... Continue Reading →

Graphing the history of philosophy

a web of #philosophynetwork… ‎#Leibniz #Kant ‎#Heidegger #Nietzsche #Hegel #Levinas #Deleuze #Marx  #Derrida and #Foucault.


If you are interested in this data set you might like my latest post where I use it to make book recommendations.

This one came about because I was searching for a data set on horror films (don’t ask) and ended up with one describing the links between philosophers.

To cut a long story very short I’ve extracted the information in the influenced by section for every philosopher on Wikipedia and used it to construct a network which I’ve then visualised using gephi

It’s an easy process to repeat. It could be done for any area within Wikipedia where the information forms a network. I chose philosophy because firstly the influences section is very well maintained and secondly I know a little bit about it. At the bottom of this post I’ve described how I got there.

First I’ll show why I think it’s worked as a visualisation. Here’s the…

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Gonzo Corpus, Sayı V: Varoluşun O Karanlık Dehlizi “Ölüm”- Pdf.

İçindekiler 1) Bütün Ölüler / Tibet Pinhan ~~ 2) Yıkım Yazısı’ndan Fragmanlar / Maurice Blanchot ~~ 3) Ölüm Üzerine Bir Tartışma Denemesi / Halil Duranay, Kamil Savaş & Mehmed Topuz ~~ 4) Ölüm ve Müziğe Etkisi / Jeremy Utku Rıfat ~~ 5) Ölümsüzlük Teorisi ve Gilles Deleuze: Bir Ölüm, İki Hayat / Cengiz Erdem ~~ 6)... Continue Reading →

Thinking the uncommon

In one of the most interesting posts I have encountered recently in the blogosphere - Object-Oriented Psychoanalysis and Derridean Deconstruction - Cengiz Erdem argues that the common things of everyday existence are produced out of the depressive position or abnormalities. As the author comments, psychic development is complemented by the death drive. Whereas this relationship... Continue Reading →

The Cont®act

The word cont(r)act in the title means two things at the same time. The first one is counter-act and the second one is implosion. When these two meanings intersect we get a contact without a contract. In this new form of contact the parties involved agree on the necessity of the absence of a contractual... Continue Reading →

Freedom’s Fairytale? Pt. 3 Narratology, the Ancestral and the Real (via Naught Thought)

Several points in the post are indebted to discussions here and here. Derrida's notion of language play and the purported death of the transcendental signifier seems to have anchored narratology, as it is understood in cultural studies and many veins of literary studies, in the swamp of post-structuralism. Furthermore, the phenomenological and post-Kantian articulation of... Continue Reading →

Object-Oriented Psychoanalysis and Derridean Deconstruction (#Derridagate)

According to Melanie Klein we all oscillate between the paranoid-schizoid position and the depressive position throughout our lives. This means that none is normal since the world is a place in which all kinds of abnormalities take place all the time and nobody can be a normal person independently of all these abnormalities. One may... Continue Reading →

Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis and the Critique of Contemporary Culture

Let us imagine a subject who finds himself in a certain situation which appears to have no escape route; a situation which nails him to a painful existence and brings him closer to extinction with every move he makes. What he needs is Bion’s theory of creative process and the emergence of new thought from... Continue Reading →

Conversation with Meillassoux (via Hyper tiling)

A very interesting conversation between Quentin Meillassoux, Robin McKay and Florian Hecker is available in pdf on the Urbanomic website (where, among other things, an interesting-looking forthcoming book on the philosophy of mathematics is announced). There is a lot of interesting material in it: many topics will sound familiar to those well acquainted with Meillassoux’s... Continue Reading →

Global Anormalleşme ve Ötesi (Aydınlanma, Post-yapısalcılık ve Eleştirel Teori)

Post-yapısalcılık adlı düşünce akımının son otuz yılda deforme olmakla kalmayıp özündeki ideoloji karşıtı duruşa son derece ters düşen bir şekilde yüceltilerek global kapitalizm dedikleri üretim ilişkileri biçiminin elinde şamar oğlanına döndürüldüğünü artık hepimiz biliyoruz. Ünlü Alman düşünürü Karl Marx’ın tarif ettiği biçimiyle kapitalizm, içinde bulunduğumuz şu günlerde çok daha vahşi bir hal almıştır ve karşıtlarını... Continue Reading →

Derrida Interview w/Ornette Coleman (via Perverse Egalitarianism)

AUFS links to a conversation between Jacques Derrida and Ornette Colman from the late 90s. Here. Plus, here's another interview with Ornette Coleman: … Read More via Perverse Egalitarianism

Artaud, Deleuze, and the Will to Nothingness

I close the eyes of my intelligence, and giving voice to the unformulated within me, I offer myself the sense of having wrested from the unknown something real. I believe in spontaneous conjurations. On the paths along which my blood draws me, it cannot be that one day I will not discover a truth.[1] Antonin Artaud... Continue Reading →

I’ll have to wander all alone – Jacques Derrida on Gilles Deleuze

Too much to say, and I don't have the heart for it today. There is too much to say about what has happened to us here, about what has also happened to me, with the death of Gilles Deleuze, with a death we no doubt feared (knowing him to be so ill), but still, with... Continue Reading →

“Derrida” The Movie

"Derrida" The Movie différance “For Derrida, being is the oppositional conflict between binaries, but what is more real than even this duel of forces is the difference between them… But Derrida shows through his elaboration of différance that neither term in the binary truly conquers the other because both need the other in order to... Continue Reading →

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