Passing Across The Dead Zone and Moving Towards The Dread Zone

It is early 1974, “in Washington, Richard Nixon was being pressed slowly into a corner, wrapped in a snarl of magnetic tapes. […] In Room 619 of the Eastern Maine Medical Center, Johnny Smith still slept. He had begun to pull into a fetal shape.”[1] In Stephen King’s novel The Dead Zone, adapted to cinema... Continue Reading →

David Cronenberg on Andy Warhol (Audio)

  David Cronenberg - Introduction David Cronenberg - National Velvet, 1963 - Empire, 1964 - Andy Warhol by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1986 David Cronenberg - Troy Diptych, 1962 David Moss, David Cronenberg, Dennis Hopper, Amy Taubin, James Rosenquist - Couch, 1964 David Cronenberg - Red Disaster, 1963 David Cronenberg, Dennis Hopper, James Rosenquist, Amy Taubin -... Continue Reading →

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