Black Swan: How do you make yourself a body without organs? (via Indecent Bazaar)

I have always been peculiarly baffled by the co-authored article of Deleuze and Guattari, “How do you make yourself a body without organs?”. For those unfamiliar with the work, it is severely masochistic. Merely sampling a short passage immediately gives away its idiosyncratic character: "You begin sewing, you sew up the hole in the glans;... Continue Reading →

Artaud, Deleuze, and the Will to Nothingness

I close the eyes of my intelligence, and giving voice to the unformulated within me, I offer myself the sense of having wrested from the unknown something real. I believe in spontaneous conjurations. On the paths along which my blood draws me, it cannot be that one day I will not discover a truth.[1] Antonin Artaud... Continue Reading →

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