Badiou on Kant and Hegel

There are two main philosophical targets of Badiou as he puts in The Subject of Art:[4] Those who identify the body and the subject, in which case creativity can only take the form of experimentation with the limits of the body, an experience of the finitude and complete unity of the body. Death being the limit... Continue Reading →


In Praise of Love ~ Alain Badiou (2012)

Badiou remarks:

I think many people still cling to a romantic conception of love that in a way absorbs love in the encounter. Love is simultaneously ignited, consummated and consumed in the meeting in a magical moment outside the world as it really is. Something happens that is in the nature of a miracle, an existential intensity, an encounter leading to meltdown. (23)

When I lean on the shoulder of the woman I love, and can see, let’s say, the peace of twilight over a mountain landscape, gold-green fields, the shadow of trees, black-nosed sheep motionless behind hedges and the sun about to disappear behind craggy peaks, and know – not from the expression on her face, but from within the world as it is – that the woman I love is seeing the same world, and that this convergence is part of the world and that love constitutes precisely, at that very moment, the paradox of an identical difference, then love exists, and promises to continue to exist. The fact is she and I are now incorporated into this unique Subject, the Subject of love that views the panorama of the world through the prism of our difference, so this world can be conceived, be born, and not simply represent what fills my own individual gaze. Love is always the possibility of being present at the birth of the world. The birth of a child, if born from within love, is yet another example of this possibility. (26)

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Refracted Input

In Praise Of LoveIn Praise Of Love by Alain Badiou

My rating: ***

Badiou, Alain with Truong, Nicolas (2012) In Praise Of Love. Trans. Peter Bush, London: Serpent’s Tail

I approached this short essay interview about the notion of love (as it is enacted between lovers) with caution. I was not expecting a 75 year old male philosopher to have much to say that would resonate from a female point of view. There was however slightly more on the table than I expected and some of the discussion provided potential food for thought which crossed gender lines.

I was particularly interested by Badiou’s comments criticising the portrayal of love as something that exists in a moment outside of time. This is a view that pervades romantic literature. It is a love that cannot be enacted in the real world or survive through time. It is also reductive, fusing the difference of two…

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Mantis 053 + Full Spektrum

DOWNLOAD  STREAM  iTUNES RSS hour 1 / DVNT Aupheus – Metamorphic [Myuzyk] forthcoming Vladislav Delay – Stand-Alone (Reprise) [Raster-Noton] Subeena – Picture [Opit Records] forthcoming L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom remix) [Mad Decent] Sclist – Complicated [dub] forthcoming Untold – Gonna Work Out Fine [Hemlock] Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Tonträger] Issac Himself –... Continue Reading →

“Where would I go, if I could go, who would I be, if I could be, what would I say, if I had a voice, who says this saying it’s me?” (Beckett – 2)

Answer simply. It’s the same old stranger as ever, for existence, of his, of ours, there’s a simple answer. It’s not with thinking he will find me, but what is he to do, living and bewildered, yes, living, say what he may.[1] Yes, there are moments, like this moment, when I seem almost restored to... Continue Reading →

Krapp’s Last Tape (Beckett – 1)

 It is a characteristic of Beckett’s plays to give the impression that there is nothing outside the stage. In Beckett’s plays God is never allowed to die altogether, but rather God is made to be felt by the audience as his absence, as the nothingness outside the stage. Krapp's Last Tape is a good example... Continue Reading →

Peter Neilson, Secateurs, 2009 (via ANTHEM)

After my previous post on The Speculative Turn (which sounds like a runaway success, with downloaders having crashed the website on Christmas day) I realised that it was almost criminal of me not to have mentioned the artist's name, having praised his work. So he is Peter Neilson from Melbourne, and the piece is... Continue Reading →


Mantis Radio 075 + Vocode Records by Darkfloor on Mixcloud DOWNLOAD  STREAM  ITUNES  RSS hour 1 / DVNT Randomform – Segment Slipp [Plataforma-LTW] 8Bitch – In the Moog for Love [Svetlana Industries] Maps + Diagrams – Savannakhet [Yuki Yaki] Herzog – Small Loves [Audio Gourmet] Weldroid – Not Every Neuron [Kahvi] Petrovszky – Stick to... Continue Reading →

Time Travel (31 eBooks to Download)

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells The book's protagonist is an amateur inventor or scientist living in London who is never named; he is identified simply as The Time Traveller. Having demonstrated to friends using a miniature model that time... Free Download Fiction Science Fiction News from Nowhere by William Morris News from Nowhere... Continue Reading →

David Cronenberg on Andy Warhol (Audio)

  David Cronenberg - Introduction David Cronenberg - National Velvet, 1963 - Empire, 1964 - Andy Warhol by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1986 David Cronenberg - Troy Diptych, 1962 David Moss, David Cronenberg, Dennis Hopper, Amy Taubin, James Rosenquist - Couch, 1964 David Cronenberg - Red Disaster, 1963 David Cronenberg, Dennis Hopper, James Rosenquist, Amy Taubin -... Continue Reading →

Interview Links (via Spring 2010: Speculative Realism)

Thrown in random order: Ian Bogost Jane Bennett Graham Harman Levi Bryant Paul Ennis via Spring 2010: Speculative Realism Related Articles Speculations I ( Website Updates ( Margaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin debate science fiction vs. "realism" [Books] ( Around the Web: Forrst's App Contest, inForums, Cow Clicker ( Highlights This Week: Deitch,... Continue Reading →

Accelerationism: Ray Brassier (via moskvax)

Transcribed from the Backdoor Broadcasting Company recording. Ray Brassier: I’m going to be talking about Nick Land’s work. I’m going to talk about it philosophically, and explain why, because I think that’s a key to understanding what its political ramifications might be. If you want to understand if a politics of accelerationism is possible or... Continue Reading →

Filozofun Bir Ölümsüz Olarak Portresi

Zamanın uçurumundan ve ötesindeki karanlıktan başka ne görüyorsunuz? - William Shakespeare Kanlı bir yumurta sarısı. Bir çarşafa yayılan yanmış bir delik. Herkesi açmakla tehdit eden öfkeli bir gül. - May Svvenson Dipsiz bir uçurumun içine baktığınız zaman, o da sizin içinize bakar. - Friedrich Nietzsche Baktıkça bakıyorsunuz kendinize, Yetişir! Bu da hiç konuşmayan adam yapıyor... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka (Video) + İzolasyon ve Yaratıcılık

A short film adaptation based on Kafka's "Metamorphosis". Early work by filmmaker Carlos Atanes, 1994. İzolasyon ve Yaratıcılık Eğer bunalımlı, yani depresif bir şahsiyet biraz yetenekliyse evden çıkıp toplumsallaşma uğruna saçmalamak yerine odaya kapanıp yaratıcı yazarlığa, müziğe veya ressamlığa falan yönelirse kendine çok büyük bir iyilik etmiş olur. Bunalımlı kişi böylelikle bunalımını ve mutsuz bilincini... Continue Reading →

The Subject of Art – Alain Badiou

My Father was accustomed to say, "we must begin by the beginning." So, I must begin this lecture about the subject of art by its beginning. But, what is this beginning? I think we have to begin with the oldest question—the question of being, the question of being as being, of being qua being. What... Continue Reading →

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