Philosophy Resources (audio/video lectures, ebooks, audiobooks)

Psychoanalysis, Deleuze and Bergson

Bergson’s ‘Introduction to metaphysics’ audio book HERE

Freud – Dream Psychology audio book HERE

Lectures on Deleuze    HERE

Some lectures on Deleuze and Guattari.  HERE

Marxism, communism, and socialism related

Historical Materialism Conference, London 2009   HERE

Marx – Das Capital Vol.1 audio book   HERE

Lectures on Marx’s ‘Capital’    HERE

Gramsci society audio lectures    HERE

Marxism and political history audio lectures   HERE

Marx, Lenin, Mao, Trotsky, History audio books   HERE

Communist manifesto audio book   HERE

Existentialism, Nietzsche  and phenomenology

Heidegger’s Being and Time division I (Dreyfus lectures)    HERE

Heidegger’s Being and Time division II (Dreyfus lectures)    HERE

Later Heidegger (Dreyfus lectures)  (torrent only I’m afraid)    HERE

Kierkegaard and the Crisis in Religion HERE

Nietzsche and the Crisis in Philosophy HERE

Sartre and the Crisis in Morality HERE

Lectures series on Heidegger’s ‘The Ister’ HERE

Nietzsche audio books   HERE

Allan Bloom – Nietzsche lectures HERE

Rick Roderick – Nietzsche and the Post-Modern Condition   HERE

A collection of audio lectures on the classic phenomenologists (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Fink) and the Frankfurt School of critical theorists (Benjamin, Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse).     HERE

John D Caputo Audio lectures on Heidegger, Deleuze, Levinas, and Derrida    HERE

Rick Roderick – Philosophy and Human Value   HERE

Rick Roderick – Self Under Siege – Philosophy in the 20th Century   HERE

Kant and Hegel

Kant – Critique of pure reason audio book HERE

Kant – Critique of practical reason audio book HERE

Kant – Perpetual Peace audio book HERE

Kant audio books   HERE

Lectures on Hegel and Kant.   HERE

Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Philosophy

Harman vs Latour vs Heidegger    HERE

Lots of Graham Harman lectures and lectures on Bruno Latour    HERE

Ray Brassier lecture   HERE

Quentin Meillasoux lecture  [french]   HERE

21st centurt Materialism conference: with Miran Božovič, Graham Harman, Martin Hägglund & Peter Hallward    HERE

Badiou and Zizek

Badiou video lectures and interviews   HERE

Zizek audio lectures and interviews (30+ sources)   HERE

Zizek video lectures and interviews (30+ sources)    HERE

Badiou and Balibar talk about universality    HERE

Mixed set of lectures on Zizek, Heidegger, Benjamin and more    HERE

Audio lectures archive for continental theorists, featuring Zizek, Badiou and Kristeva.    HERE


Introduction to Theory of Literature (Yale Open Course)   HERE

Cognitive Neuroscience (Berkeley podcast course)    HERE

Modern Physics (Berkeley podcast course)   HERE

Lots of free lecture courses HERE

A huge number of Wittgenstein and philosophy of mind and language lectures can be found  HERE

Audio lectures by Lingis, Gilgen and others   HERE

Political philosophy audio lectures  HERE

Free literature audio books   HEREHEREHERE & HERE

Free philosophy audio books  HERE

Radio Programs on philosophy

Philosophers Zone

BBC – In Our Times

Philosophy Radio

Philosophy Talk

Guerrilla Radio Show

ebooks and journals

AAAARG.ORG: Massive library of philosophy ebooks and articles   HERE

ebooks of Slavoj Zizek    HERE

Here is a link to his latest book ‘Prince of Networks’, which should give anyone a solid grounding in Latour and Harman’s own brand of OOP   HERE

Ray Brassier: Nihil Unbound   HERE

Here’s a philosophy, social and literary theory ebook resource page. Obviously, try and support the authors whenever you can and buy their books.     HERE

Directory of open access journals. Essential for people who don’t have university electronic journal access privileges.    HERE

Conferences and events

And lastly, a guide to what’s on in the world of conferences.    HERE

3 thoughts on “Philosophy Resources (audio/video lectures, ebooks, audiobooks)”

  1. Stocism hakkinda baktim bisey bulurmuyum diye ama yok. En azindan 2 tane onemli buldugum kitabi burdan offer edeyim, birinin isine yarayabilir.

    Must read books about Stoic Philosophy:

    – Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
    – Letter from a Stoic by Seneca


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