Intellectual Mitosis (via Aberrant Monism)

One does not have to do more than a cursory review of intellectual history to find intellectual bifurcations everywhere. There's nominalism vs. realism, rationalism vs. empiricism, analytic vs. continental, and so on. Earlier this month at the Claremont Conference Steven Shaviro nicely articulated the bifurcation between his position and Graham Harman's. Whereas the problem for... Continue Reading →

Alenka Zupančič On Comedy: The Odd One In (via Perverse Egalitarianism)

I picked up (seemingly by chance) a new book by Alenka Zupančič - The Odd One In: On Comedy - and I have to say that I am very much enjoying it. Having only semi-read her book on Kant and Lacan, and honestly not remembering much from that reading, I was simply curious to see... Continue Reading →

Laughing all the way to the Bank, and eating a Banker – Notes on Subversive Humour and Impossible Violence (via counterrealism:)

Events at the G20 protest in London simulate the possibilities of violence as an activist strategy that can step out of the trappings and co-optations of the binaries set up by the media-police. How can the symbolic mechanisms that prop up a hegemonic order be effaced? A partial, potential strategy is not one of opposition... Continue Reading →

Harman on Deleuze and disappointing realisms (via Object-Oriented Philosophy)

One form of disappointing realism, in my opinion, is the kind that cares more to valorize certain forms of knowledge than to safeguard the reality of the real. My views in this point are already known. The real is something never perfectly translatable, or even percentage-wise translatable into some model of it. This does not... Continue Reading →

On The Idea of Communism (via Total Assault On Culture)

Here is the speedy write-up of my notes from the three-day conference on The Idea of Communism, hosted by Slavoj Žižek at Birkbeck College, which included Judith Balso, Alain Badiou, Bruno Bosteels, Terry Eagleton, Peter Hallward, Michael Hardt, Toni Negri, Jacques Ranciere, Alessandro Russo, Alberto Toscano and Gianni Vattimo. I have only managed to type... Continue Reading →

Meillassoux: Lenin’s Best Disciple (via Perverse Egalitarianism)

Here's another one. All that business about Meillassoux's arch-fossil argument being so immensely and devastatingly novel that surely now all the idealists correlationists will die a horrible death reminded me of Lenin's Materialism and Empirio-criticism, a rather bombastic and, as some argued, not very deep philosophical book, written primarily for political reasons. Whatever the case... Continue Reading →

Oya Baydar – Derin Devletin Derin Kıbrıs’ı

Bir zamanlar Kıbrıs “Akdeniz’in ortasındaki batmaz uçak gemisi” diye anılırdı. İngiliz-Amerikan emperyalizmi ile Sovyet bloğunun tahtaravallisi, dünyanın en hassas çatışma/ denge noktalarından biriydi yeşil ada. Emperyalist güçlerin kendi oyunlarını Türkiye ve Yunanistan üzerinden kurdukları; o zamanlar iç içe yaşayan Rum ve Türk halklarını birbirlerine karşı kışkırtarak kanlı provokasyonlarla, Rum ve Türk faşist örgütlenmelerinin önayak olduğu... Continue Reading →

Apocalypse Never – The End of the World from Hakim Bey, T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism(With Apologies to 2012…) (via The Necromancer)

Communique #4 The End of the World The A.O.A.* declares itself officially bored with the End of the World. The canonical version has been used since 1945 to keep us cowering in fear of Mutual Assured Destruction & in snivelling servitude to our super-hero politicians (the only ones capable of handling deadly Green Kryptonite)… What... Continue Reading →

Zimmermann, ‘Basic Concepts of Transcendental Materialism’ [Updated] (via Speculative Heresy)

Yet another great recording from Backdoor Broadcasting Company - this time from Rainer E. Zimmermann on transcendental materialism. Blurb from Kingston University: Rainer Zimmermann is a philosopher, mathematician and physicist who currently holds the chair of professor of philosophy at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and whose general line of research, developed in... Continue Reading →

Activism in structuralism: Badiou’s Cartesianism and the dehumanised humanism of novelty (via Speculative Humbug)

Speculative Humbug isn't dead! I've been terribly distracted recently but I've finally decided to make time to write something new for the blog and this is it.  Hope you find it interesting.  Comments - especially critical ones - are very welcome! To kick things off again, I wanted to write on something that Pete Wolfendale... Continue Reading →

KIBRIS’TA ülke genelinde genel grev ve ‘toplumsal varoluş mitingi’ başladı. (via Timurca)

Kıbrıs’ta büyük miting KKTC’de hükümetin aldığı önlemlere karşılık İnönü Meydanı’nda saat 11:30’da sivil toplum örgütleri ve muhalefetin organize ettiği “Toplumsal Varoluş Mitingi” başladı.     ntvmsnbc ve Ajanslar Güncelleme: 12:15 TSİ 28 Ocak. 2011 Cuma İSTANBUL - KKTC'de bazı sendikaların oluşturduğu Sendikal Platform'un, hükümetin aldığı ekonomik tedbirlere tepki olarak bazı işyerlerinde başlattığı süresiz grev devam... Continue Reading →

Lacan’s Unpublished Seminars (via Larval Subjects .)

Gallagher's translations of a number of Lacans unpublished seminars can be found for free here. Enjoy! … Read Morevia Larval Subjects .

“Radical Thinkers: Judith Butler, Simon Critchley and Jacques Rancière on the importance of critical theory to social movements today.” (via PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR)

Via the Irish Left Review, here's audio from their 2009 event on the above topic. … Read Morevia PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR

Renata Salecl and Slavoj Žižek (Eds.) – Gaze and Voice As Love Objects (SIC 1) (via V£R$O)

 Read. via V£R$O

nihilizm meselesi (via Mutlak Töz)

Buradaki yazıların kimi önemli başlıklarında, özellikle insan doğası, siyasetin olanakları, bilginin geçerliliği ve toplumsal yapının anlamı üzerine olanlarda, farklı görüşlerden arkadaşların tepkisi yer yer söylemeye çalıştığım şeyin nihilizm olduğu; ya da sonuç olarak nihilizme vardığı/varacağı şeklindeydi. Nihilizm dendiğinde de bir sınıra gelinmiş olunuyordu açıkcası; tamamen olumsuz anlamlarla yerleşik hale gelmiş nihilizm düşüncesinin belirlediği bir sınırdı bu... Continue Reading →

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