12 Monkeys by Terry Gilliam [1995, Full Movie]

| Watch the Full Movie Here | 12 Monkeys by Terry Gilliam "A deadly virus released in 1996 wipes out almost all of humanity, forcing survivors to live underground. A group known as the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is believed to have released the virus. In 2035, James Cole is a prisoner living in... Continue Reading →

The Correlation Between Freud, Cronenberg, Identical Twins, Gynecology and Videodrome Tapes (Audio)

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Science and Metaphysics in The Matrix and eXistenZ

| Listen on YouTube | Download PDF | In his Organs Without Bodies Slavoj Žižek points out Deleuze’s emphasis on the passage from metaphor and towards metamorphosis in terms of the difference between “machines replacing humans” and the “becoming-machine of humans.” The problem is not how to reduce mind to neuronal “material” processes (to replace the... Continue Reading →

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Revolution of the Present (Full Film)

"Humanity seems to be stuck in the perpetual now that is our networked world. More countries are witnessing people taking to the streets in search of answers. Revolution of the Present, the film, features interviews with thought leaders designed to give meaning to our present and precarious condition. This historic journey allows us to re-think... Continue Reading →

earthlings | dünyalılar

Eternity and a Day ~ Sonsuzluk ve Bir Gün

Eternity and a Day is a film directed by Theo Angelopoulos back in 1998... It is a story of love, regret, memory, light and darkness, hope and despair and ultimately, life and death. It is about death and new life, about a dying man who gives his life to save a child all others regard as... Continue Reading →

Marx Reloaded: Documentary Featuring Rancière, Power, Negri, Hardt, Zizek and More

Naked Lunch: The Book Itself and the Making of the Film ~ Burroughs and Cronenberg

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a film from 2004 directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, in which Chaos Theory is applied to history and psychoanalysis. According to Chaos Theory an event which seems to be very insignificant in a sequence of events is in fact as important as any other event and the effects... Continue Reading →

Withnail and I (Film)

This is the main theme from the soundtrack of Withnail & I, one of my most favourite movies of all time... You have to be in the mood to enjoy the experience, though... Released in 1987 Produced by HandMade Films Writer & Director: Bruce Robinson Music by David Dundas & Rick Wentworth Lead Actors: Richard... Continue Reading →

La Jetée – Chris Marker (The classic short that inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys)

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Cinematic Apparatus, Brain, and the Psyche as Fantasy Machines

Freud calls the content of the unconscious the latent dream-thoughts.[1] That which one sees in a dream is already a translation of this primal scene. The images in a dream stand in for the gap in the symbolic order; they symbolize the latent content of the dream, which are the unconscious drives. A dream turns... Continue Reading →

Slavoj Zizek – Avatar, Avatar’ın ta kendisi!

Siyaseten doğru temaların altında ırkçı motifler barındıran Avatar bize şunu öğretiyor: Yerlilerin tek seçeneği insanlarca kurtarılmak ya da yok edilmek. Sadece emperyalist gerçekliğin kurbanı olmakla beyaz adamın fantezisinde kendilerine biçilen rolü oynamak arasında tercih yapabilirler James Cameron’ın Avatar filmi, uzak bir gezegendeki mavi tenli yerli bir halkın arasına sızmak ve onları doğal kaynaklarının çıkarılmasına ikna... Continue Reading →

The Island: Waiting for a day that will never come…

The Island is a science-fiction movie directed by Michael Bay. Our hero, Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) wakes up from a nightmare in which he sees himself drowning. What we, the spectators don’t know yet is that Lincoln has actually woken up to a sterile world which has nothing do with the real world. Lincoln wakes... Continue Reading →

ADA: Hiç gelmeyecek bir günü beklemekle geçiyor yıllar…

Michel Foucault Hapishanenin Doğuşu: Gözetim ve Ceza (Discipline and Punish) adlı başyapıtında mimar ve düşünür Jeremy Bentham’ın yeni bir hapishane modeli olarak tasarladığı ve Panopticon adını verdiği, zamanına göre (Ondokuzuncu yüzyıl) devrimci sayılabilecek gözetim ve denetim mekanizmasını modern zamanlardaki iktidarın işleyiş biçimini gözler önüne seren bir metafor olarak lanse eder. Foucault’ya göre Panopticon mahkûmların hareketlerini,... Continue Reading →

Passing Across The Dead Zone and Moving Towards The Dread Zone

It is early 1974, “in Washington, Richard Nixon was being pressed slowly into a corner, wrapped in a snarl of magnetic tapes. […] In Room 619 of the Eastern Maine Medical Center, Johnny Smith still slept. He had begun to pull into a fetal shape.”[1] In Stephen King’s novel The Dead Zone, adapted to cinema... Continue Reading →

The Correlation Between Freud, Cronenberg, Identical Twins, Gynecology and Videodrome Tapes

Dead Ringers With Dead Ringers (1988) Cronenberg shows the consequences of an attempt to get rid of the space between the me and the not me. The illusory absence of difference between Mantle twins Beverly and Elliot is their own creation. They identify with one another so much that they think they are one split... Continue Reading →

Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture

Call for Papers Edited by Richard Rushton and Philip Roberts What is schizoanalysis and how might it be applied to the analysis of contemporary visual culture? This question is both daunting in its complexity and exciting in terms of the possibility for a whole new way of thinking about visual culture it offers. Answering it... Continue Reading →

Examined Life (Video)

 "In Examined Life, filmmaker Astra Taylor accompanies some of today’s most influential thinkers on a series of unique excursions through places and spaces that hold particular resonance for them and their ideas. Peter Singer’s thoughts on the ethics of consumption are amplified against the backdrop of Fifth Avenue’s posh boutiques. Slavoj Zizek questions current beliefs... Continue Reading →

Consequences of Messing With Nature: Cronenberg, Lacan, Klein and eXistenZ

With the aim of changing the past, an impossible thing to do, the subject messes with nature, and his intrusion causes the very event which he was trying to prevent from happening. Just like Oedipus’s father who, in escape from a prophecy, falls victim to his choice of way to escape, and becomes the victim... Continue Reading →

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