Zero Cult ~ Heartwork

On the eve of philosophy and beyond it the logic of sense lost itself in calculations without end, only to find itself in this poetic time of truth eternally dismembered…

Ijahman Levi ~ Jah Heavy Load

Monad XIV / XV / XVI – Lakker / Plaster / Rrose

Plaster – Quasar [Stroboscopic Artefacts SAM015]

DVNT – More’s the pity, Divinity

Artwork by makemassair

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AVOIDANT – Birth in Carpathia I [Enough Records]
Pan Sonic – Hertsilogia / Herzlogy [Blast First Petite]
+ Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Alva Noto remodel) [Raster-Noton]
Frank Bretschneider – Flight 09 [Shitkatapult]
Mike Dehnert – Klartext [Delsin]
Margaret Dygas – For Five [Ostgut Ton]
Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (Planetary Assault System Dub edit) [Mote-Evolver]
Sleeparchive – Ronan (Point One) [Tresor]
Jeff Mills – Late Night [Tresor]
Sleeparchive – Ronan (Point Two) [Tresor]
Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann remix) [CLR]
The Bug – Skeng [Ninja Tune]
Forward Strategy Group – Code#01 [Perc Trax]
Luke Creed – Leichtreas (Gunjack remix) [Gobsmacked Records]
Datacrashrobot – Piezoelectric Actuator [Crazy Language]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Voidloss and now cold and alone mix) [Singularity]
Milanese – The End (Untold remix) [Planet Mu]
Nicolas Bourbaki – Functions of One Real Variable [Furioso]
Harvey McKay – 1992 [Soma]
Lucy – Lav [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Bombo – Northside [Trax]
Anodyne – Destruction [Earwiggle]
Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse (King Cannibal remix) [Ninja Tune]
Autechre – Gantz Graf [Warp]

Mantis 053 + Full Spektrum

hour 1 / DVNT

Aupheus – Metamorphic [Myuzyk] forthcoming
Vladislav Delay – Stand-Alone (Reprise) [Raster-Noton]
Subeena – Picture [Opit Records] forthcoming
L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom remix) [Mad Decent]
Sclist – Complicated [dub] forthcoming
Untold – Gonna Work Out Fine [Hemlock]
Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Tonträger]
Issac Himself – Forest Pantaloons [Myuzyk] forthcoming
Issac Himself – Hearing His Findings [Myuzyk] forthcoming
Psilocube – Nibiru Noodles [R3tox Recordings] forthcoming
Dr. Schmidt – Undweg [Maschinen Musik] forthcoming
King Cannibal – Virgo (Canblaster remix) [dub]
Doryk – Are You Confused [Audioexit]
GRITT – Prepare [Airflex Labs] forthcoming
Vadz – Granular Bastard (Romenskis Gothic Version) [Digital Distortions]
A Paul – Pangea Ultima (Original mix) [dub]
Ruxpin – A Sunrise (And They Turned to Stone) [n5MD]
thatboytim – Down In The Hole (Sunil Sharpe remix) [takeover] forthcoming
thatboytim – Down In The Hole (The Parallel remix) [takeover] forthcoming
The H.A.V.O.K vs Leatherstrip – It’s Who I Am (Fucked Sick remix) instrumental [dub]
Marcel Dettman – Rerun [Marcel Dettmann Records]
datacrashrobot – Wired [dub]
Broken Note – Crux [Ad Noiseam]
Nibo – 25461604859430853501412845836947 [Raster-Noton]


Full Spektrum – Puzzlebox [UK Trends]
ID – Rollige [dub]
ID – Dusted Remix [dub]
Phaeleh – Digital [Urban Scrumping]
Full Spektrum – Structure [dub]
Sclist – Idle [Frijsfo] forthcoming
Full Spektrum – Trapped [dub]
Elemental – Stompa [Urban Graffiti]
Toasty – The Knowledge (Untold remix) [Hotflush]
Full Spektrum – Dalston Lane [Mata-Syn] forthcoming
Scorn – Gravel Bed (Noiz remix) [Combat Records] forthcoming
Nicholas Bourbaki – Topology (Full Spektrum remix) [Furioso] forthcoming
Noiz – All of Us [dub]
Noiz – Slashback [Yellow Machines] forthcoming
Photek – Fake ID (Full Spektrum remix) [dub]
Full Spektrum – People of Kemistry [dub]

La La and the Boo Ya – Stay [midnightminustwo] forthcoming

broadcast 22/01/2010

053 /

“Kicking of the new year and new decade 2 weeks later than originally planned, I’ll be sure to make up for it. For our 53rd and the 1st showcase of the new decade I’m very happy to present Full Spektrum.

hour 2 / the SHOWCASE

South London based producer Full Spektrum has been making music since around 2003. A bit of an old skool raver, he got into Hardcore and Jungle around ’92-‘93. Later producing his own music, a progression through D+B and garage eventually led to Full Spektrum being introduced to the ever varying sounds of Dubstep.

The deep and versatile nature of the music suited his own productions, and it wasn’t long before he was fusing the sounds of Dubstep and Old Skool with his own trademark rolling breaks. He has received a lot of support from other producers and DJ’s in the scene including Elemental, Warlock, Blackmass Plastics, Noiz, ID, Threnody, Rob Booth and the Urban Graffiti crew. With releases currently out on labels Bankai, UK Trends, Militant Science and Urban Scrumping and forthcoming tracks on Furioso and Mata-Syn, Full Spektrum is a producer with a big sound.”


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Bola – Bolagnayse and Beyond

Some of my favourite Detroit techno tracks (via Conatus)

Carl Craig, Derrick May, Detroit techno, Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance

by kalleconatus

I just wanted to post some of my all-time Detroit techno favourites. Here they are: Read More

via Conatus

Mazzula – 6 cans o’ Red Stripe and I’ll have 10 B&H silver as well please.

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Cynthia Stern – Follow (Mazzula Rework)
Mazzula – Arp Denial
Mazzula – Two Oscillators are Enough
Mazzula – Harsh Boy
Mazzula – Untitled
Mazzula – Purple Patches
Mazzula – Trance Bitch
Mazzula – D3d B3ar
Mazzula – Oh Ah Drama

Mazzula – 6 cans o redstripe and i’l have 10 b&h silver as well please. by Mazzula