Zero Cult ~ Heartwork

On the eve of philosophy and beyond it the logic of sense lost itself in calculations without end, only to find itself in this poetic time of truth eternally dismembered...

Ijahman Levi ~ Jah Heavy Load

Monad XIV / XV / XVI – Lakker / Plaster / Rrose

Plaster - Quasar [Stroboscopic Artefacts SAM015]

DVNT – More’s the pity, Divinity

Artwork by makemassair Download Stream TRACKLIST AVOIDANT – Birth in Carpathia I [Enough Records] Pan Sonic – Hertsilogia / Herzlogy [Blast First Petite] + Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Alva Noto remodel) [Raster-Noton] Frank Bretschneider – Flight 09 [Shitkatapult] Mike Dehnert – Klartext [Delsin] Margaret Dygas – For Five [Ostgut Ton] Samuli Kemppi – Quantum... Continue Reading →

Mantis 053 + Full Spektrum

DOWNLOAD  STREAM  iTUNES RSS hour 1 / DVNT Aupheus – Metamorphic [Myuzyk] forthcoming Vladislav Delay – Stand-Alone (Reprise) [Raster-Noton] Subeena – Picture [Opit Records] forthcoming L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom remix) [Mad Decent] Sclist – Complicated [dub] forthcoming Untold – Gonna Work Out Fine [Hemlock] Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Tonträger] Issac Himself –... Continue Reading →

Bola – Bolagnayse and Beyond

Some of my favourite Detroit techno tracks

I just wanted to share some of my Detroit Techno favourites. Here they are: Carl Craig, Derrick May, Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance

The Affirmative Recreators of Our Times After Finitude

The recent developments in electronic music present us with a good example of how the inorganic has become, at least in sound, more organic than the organic. With the rapid development of sound-producing machines it has become possible to create such sounds that while listening to it one feels like there is a living organism... Continue Reading →


Mantis Radio 075 + Vocode Records by Darkfloor on Mixcloud DOWNLOAD  STREAM  ITUNES  RSS hour 1 / DVNT Randomform – Segment Slipp [Plataforma-LTW] 8Bitch – In the Moog for Love [Svetlana Industries] Maps + Diagrams – Savannakhet [Yuki Yaki] Herzog – Small Loves [Audio Gourmet] Weldroid – Not Every Neuron [Kahvi] Petrovszky – Stick to... Continue Reading →

The Black Dog – UR, We Are – One Hour With Underground Resistance The Black Dog - UR, We Are - One Hour With Underground Resistance by The Black Dog tracklist: 1. Antimatter – Underground Resistance 2. Voice Of Electrifying Mojo 3. Afrogermanic – Underground Resistance 4. Mirage – Underground Resistance 5. Windchime – Underground Resistance 6. Talkin2Z – Underground Resistance 7. Final Frontier – Underground Resistance... Continue Reading →


Mantis Radio 067 + Rabid Gravy + Sturqen by Darkfloor on Mixcloud Stream Download Tracklist / Chapters Hour 1 / Dvnt 1 *Com Truise Pyragony DOWNLOAD 2 Hoehle Neon Rhodes DOWNLOAD 3 Mr. Seavers Dishonourable Discharge DOWNLOAD 4 Hatikvah In The Spirit (Rod Modell / Deepchord Remix) DOWNLOAD 5 Audioelectronic Two Trains Running (Swayzak ‘Brun’S Dunb’) DOWNLOAD... Continue Reading →

Mazzula – 6 cans o’ Red Stripe and I’ll have 10 B&H silver as well please.

download / stream TRACKLIST Cynthia Stern – Follow (Mazzula Rework) Mazzula – Arp Denial Mazzula – Two Oscillators are Enough Mazzula – Harsh Boy Mazzula – Untitled Mazzula – Purple Patches Mazzula – Trance Bitch Mazzula – D3d B3ar Mazzula – Oh Ah Drama Mazzula - 6 cans o redstripe and i'l have 10 b&h... Continue Reading →

S w a r m //// I n t e l l i g e n c e – Mixes

Mixes by swarmintelligence

DJ Set @ Bethanian 01.10.10 by swarmintelligence

S w a r m //// I n t e l l i g e n c e DJ Set @ Bethanian 01.10.10 Download01. The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix) 02. Terror Danjah - Acid 03. Baobinga & ID - Tongue Riddim 04. Swarm Intelligence - Grinding Teeth 05. Milanese - So Malleable (Cold Mix)... Continue Reading →

Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2)

This interview was conducted by Bram Ieven to accompany the Dutch translation of Ray Brassier's essay ‘Genre is Obsolete’. It was published in the printed edition of nY # 2, as part of a feature on Noise (2009).   Bram Ieven – Your work has a fairly unique position within the field of contemporary philosophy. On... Continue Reading →

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