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Senselogic’s YouTube Videos

Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness by Evelyn Underhill Slavoj Žižek: Is it Possible to Move Beyond the Transcendental? The Correlation Between Freud, Cronenberg, Identical Twins, Gynecology and Videodrome Tapes Agartha: The Mythic Womb of Immortals Within the World Given Birth by the Trauma of the Earth Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Trauma … Continue reading Senselogic’s YouTube Videos

Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Trauma

| First posted on May 4, 2009 | Click Here to Listen | I philosophise only in terror, but in the confessed terror of going mad.[1]  Jacques Derrida The circle of the eternal return is a circle which is always excentric in relation to an always decentered center.[2] Gilles Deleuze  Architecture of The White Hotel   Published in 1981, D.M. … Continue reading Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Trauma

IN SUSPENSE OF THE REAL: Cronenberg | Gilliam | Lynch – Louis Armand


Louis Armand is the Director of the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory at Charles University, Prague. His books include The Organ-Grinder’s Monkey (2013) and the novel Breakfast at Midnight (2011) described by 3:AM magazine’s Richard Marshall as “a perfect modern noir”.

(image) David Lynch, Inland Empire (2006)


In his “Dialectics of the Fable” (2000), Alain Badiou discusses a series of films, Cube (1997), The Matrix (1999) and David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999), as philosophical machines. These are films that, in Badiou’s estimation, both reflect upon and in a sense encapsulate a set of “problems” – what we might call disturbances in the psycho-social fabric of the medium – disturbances that not only point to a crisis, but are themselves critical. Concerned with the status of the “Real,” these films are necessarily both self-reflexive and projective in a way that subverts the…

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Science and Metaphysics in The Matrix and eXistenZ

| Listen on YouTube | Download PDF | In his Organs Without Bodies Slavoj Žižek points out Deleuze’s emphasis on the passage from metaphor and towards metamorphosis in terms of the difference between “machines replacing humans” and the “becoming-machine of humans.” The problem is not how to reduce mind to neuronal “material” processes (to replace the … Continue reading Science and Metaphysics in The Matrix and eXistenZ