Cengiz Erdem was born in Cyprus on a cold and rainy November morning back in 1978. He has studied Cengiz ErdemLiterature and Philosophy in Turkey and Britain respectively. Following his MA in Culture and Communication, he received his doctoral degree in Cultural and Critical Theory from The University of East Anglia in May 2009 with The Life Death Drives, his PhD thesis. He now resides in Kyrenia, has four published books, and the fifth one is forthcoming…

That said, The Life Death Drives constitutes a network of non-reductive interactions between philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature, cinema and politics. It is an analysis of the ways in which the exploitation of the life-drive and the death-drive takes place within and through contemporary cultural products, not only reflecting, but also constituting the internal dynamics of contemporary neo-liberalism and/or militarist-capitalism. From within the vicious cycle of dialectical materialism and out of the deadlock of democratic materialism emerges a new subject of truth constitutive of a new political field transcending the dominant regime of opinions. This new political field requires a new mode of being and thinking so as to sustain the conditions for progressive social change. Badiou presents this process driven by a fidelity to an unknown truth as materialist dialectics. The thesis culminates in an affirmative inversion of the non-reductive mind-body correlation at work in Zizek’s dialectical-materialist theory of the subject as death-drive and Badiou’s materialist-dialectical theory of the subject as infinitude in time…

Külliyat (Kitaplar-Books)
Külliyat (Kitaplar-Books)

Cengiz Erdem 1978 yılının yağmurlu bir sonbahar sabahında Kıbrıs’ta doğdu ve 1997cengiz erdem yılında yazmaya koyuldu. Ankara Üniversitesi’nde İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı eğitimi alan ve/fakat hızını alamayan Erdem, kemale ermek yolunda çıktığı bu meşakkatli yolculuğa Norwich’teki East Anglia Üniversitesi’nin Edebiyat ve Yaratıcı Yazarlık bölümünde, yaratıcılık ve yıkıcılık arasındaki ilişkiyi edebiyat-felsefe-sinema-psikanaliz bağlamında ele alan master ve doktora tezlerini kaleme alarak devam etti… Fantezi Makinesinde Hakikat Sızıntısı,  Zeno: Filozofun Bir Ölümlü Olarak PortresiBeni Bu Dışarıdan Çıkarın  ve The Life Death Drives  yazarın yayımlanmış kitaplarıdır…

Kıbrıs, Türkiye ve İngiltere’deki çeşitli gazete ve edebiyat dergilerinde de öykü ve denemeleri çıkan Erdem’in eserlerinin genellikle yaratıcılık sürecinde içe dönük infılâklardan medet uman sıradışı bir düşünme biçiminin ölüm/yaşam diyalektiğiyle ilişkisi çevresinde döndüğü ve gerçekleşmesi imkânsız gibi görünen bir olayın imkânlar dahiline alınması neticesinde gelişen teorik birer anlatı formunda zuhur ettiği söylenir… Belli ki artık hepimizin bildiği gibi eğer bir kül tablasını beğenmiyorsak onu  masadan alıp yere atmak suretiyle kırmak ne marifettir, ne de çözüm; zira hem tecrübeyle, hem de mantıken sabittir ki marifet ve çözüm hakikaten de daha güzel ve gerçek anlamda daha işlevsel yeni bir kül tablası yapıp eskisinin yanına koymak ve onu bu surette anlamsız kılmaktır…elephant family on the move

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  1. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!


  2. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely wonderful. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a terrific site.


    1. Thanks for the nice words dear Steven, bliss is to hear from you once again, sincerely so… Yes, I still have several projects and thought processes going at the same time against all odds… I expected long enough for the fruits of my miserable mind to flourish, and I think finally I can still see some budding after all these years of famine yet again… I hope you are coping well with the illness as best you can, always an admirer of your para-academic work, needless to say keep that in mind and keep shining your light upon this dark ecology as long as you can…

      Here is a tiny taste from what I’ve been working on as of late, couldn’t help pasting it here upon your emergence:

      No one could have imagined how difficult life would be without the Internet. Even those who had lived more than half of their lives without it were having a hard time in its absence. The curious incident was that it didn’t end abruptly, but rather quite gradually, quietly, not with a descending bang, but with an ascending whimper. It took time for a large majority of people all around the world to believe that it was really happening. Most people initially thought it had something to do with their local service providers, and the service providers themselves thought it was all about their particular servers. But it didn’t take long for all parties involved to realise that the grim situation facing them was general, beyond global, even universal, as even the international space station out there in the universe had lost all contact with the Earth.
      Eventually there was nothing to look forward in the future. Everything was trapped in the past now. Who could have thought that with the quite death of the Internet the future would become history? There was a relief among some advocates of times without it, it didn’t take some others to designate them as nihilists striving for annihilation of all life on Earth. The designated hour had finally come for all those who refused to believe what was happening to embrace their misery.
      Did it have something to do with the Sun? Had something went horribly wrong with the balance of the universe, if it had any in the first place? Or was it all about time going out of joint yet again? No one knew, everyone speculated, some rationally, others on the contrary…. No one possessed the power to know how this miraculous event took place. Everyone agreed, however, on the fact that this could be a yet another sign of the end of the world as we knew it. Annihilation of all life on Earth usually stinks, but there was no smell at all this time. We said it before, we say it again, this was a miraculous extinction.
      It was as though some evil, sinister and no less insidious power, force or entity, call it what you may, was doing all this on purpose as a conspiracy against the human race as Ligotti would put it, which he did. Yes, not against all living beings on Earth, but human beings in particular… First it spread the virus, then came the total breakdown of the Internet, followed by a blackout of the Sun, consequently leading to the collapse of the whole political-economic system together with a collective nervous and physical breakdown of we humans.
      It was such a complicated affair that one didn’t know how to put all this mess down without causing a mess of meaning. Perhaps one had to forget all that one had learnt in order to make sense of what was at stake. Where was one ought to begin? It was easy to say “begin at the beginning”, but in practice no one knew for sure where, when and how it had all begun. The whole thing escalated so quickly that we humans didn’t even have time to come to terms with what was happening. Many went psychotic, some others neurotic, and a large majority were driven to hysteria. Was it all a collective hallucination, or was the apocalypse itself, which many of us humans denied with full force, and many others were already looking forward to embrace with all their hearts.

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      1. Interesting! Is this part of a novel in process? Or a meditation on our current malaise seen from some near future? Either way I like where you’re going with this, thanks for sharing. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It is indeed, precisely so… It is a narrative sent from a fictional future to come, a theory-fiction which I had in mind for a while now, but was unable to begin writing… Our “current malaise” stimulated my will to write and the creative process gained momentum… What I’ve shared are the initial steps towards the far shore of accomplishment, I hope I can maintain the pace… Worstward ho!

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