The Coronavirus Challenge of Pandemic Capitalism and the Failure of Medical Industrial Complex


The Coronavirus Economic Crash

Today’s coronavirus crash in the stock market exposed the frailty of global capitalism. With governments tapped out on quantitative easing, only significant public investment on the scale of a Green New Deal can prevent a slump.


If You Want to Stop Coronavirus, Pay Hospital Staff Properly

Cleaners at London’s Lewisham Hospital went on strike on Thursday after their outsourced employer ISS repeatedly failed to pay them. The dogma of cuts and privatization has subjected them to poverty conditions — even as they work on the front line of stopping the coronavirus infection.


Coronavirus Should Be a Wake-Up Call

From prisoners making hand sanitizer to people forgoing testing because of cost, the coronavirus has exposed the social rot in American society. But we don’t have to live this way — we can transform society for the better.


“We’re Not Going to Work Through Coronavirus”

The European country hit hardest by coronavirus, Italy has announced a near-total shutdown of shops and public venues, but many nonessential workplaces are still running. Refusing to let bosses risk their safety, workers are now going on strike.


Mike Davis on Coronavirus: “In a Plague Year”

As coronavirus spreads rapidly around the world, outpacing our capacity for testing let alone treatment, the long-anticipated monster is finally at the door. And with global capitalism so impotent in the face of this biological crisis, our demands must be for properly international public-health infrastructure.


When Coronavirus Made Italy Go Insane

Empty supermarket shelves and the spread of designer-brand face masks show that Italians are panicking about coronavirus. The spread of the virus demands a planned and coherent response — but the politics of fear are instead turning Italians against each other.

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