Updated Xenofeminist Manifesto Unbound

An Updated Version of the Xenofeminist Manifesto Unbound


=-=-=-= A POLITICS FOR ALIENATION =-=-=-= Laboria Cuboniks =-=-=-=

PDF of the manifesto by Laboria Cuboniks ~ Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation

Screen+Shot+2016-04-04+at+11.25.39+PMAlmost a year after the unveiling of its first version by the Laboria Cuboniks collective , a new and more stable version of the XENOFEMINIST Manifesto has been successfully reconstructed by operators at The New Centre for Research & Practice . Deeply hidden in a myriad of encrypted files and multi modal firmware, the components of the Manifesto which were produced and sent sporadically from a distant future to the year 2014 by cyberalien hybrids of humanoids have been freshly reassembled into a new code and released as an authorless user manual. The researchers are inviting the members of public to use their version as a starting point and, in the spirit of the manifesto itself, rearticulate and upgrade it through collective thinking, writing and action.



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