New Media and Beyond (Video & Texts)

The question is simply this: What can artistic practice and theoretical speculation do for one another? The aim is to achieve an art practice contemporary with up-to-date theory and a theoretical practice contemporary with up-to-date art… This requires the construction of a space-time continuum between the contemporary theories of new art forms and the new art forms contemporary with new directions in theory by way of a proper utilisation of new media technologies… We witness in and through this projection Deleuze’s “transcendental field of immanence” actualised and “transcendental empiricism” in action… We can designate this future oriented process as Updating Deleuze for the Digital Age pure and simple… Our present is governed from the future indeed, only to the extent that we become capable of shaping this future, though… Time comes from the future but we design it here and now…

Senselogic via Kıbrıs TV

Video on Facebook

New Media at ARUCAD

Application and Admission Requirements

NMED at ARUCAD Student Handbook_2018-2019

ARUCAD’s New Media Student Handbook & Catalogue (Updated)

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