Non-Philosophy Journal ORAXIOM weighs in on The End Times and Beyond


Call for Papers for the Inaugural Issue: “The End Times”


Image result for une autre fin du monde est possible

The apocalypse is disappointing.
—Maurice Blanchot, 1964

Another end of the world is possible.
—Anonymous graffiti, 2016

If for Marx, humanity’s species-being was the ability to transform its conditions of existence, now in times of the discursive ‘end of the world,’ the defining impulse of humanity appears as autophagy, that is, the ability to annihilate and cannibalize these very conditions. The future is thus held in suspense and the present is defined by the eschatology of an inescapable entanglement of the social, political, economic and ecological. François Laruelle demands in Struggle and Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy: “let us make a tabula rasa out of the future.” This claim presents for us an imperative, an Aufgabe, of ever increasing importance. No longer is the future to be…

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