From False Globalisation to the One Communist World, via the Question of ‘Foreigners’ ~ Alain Badiou


Badiou examines the relation between the Communist Hypothesis and the question of immigration and the ‘foreigner’, and suggests that, in order to pursue the consequences of the declaration that we share the same world, we must value identity-in-becoming over identity-as-defence” ~ Robin Mackay (trans.)

We must set out from some very simple observations. Today, a true world constituted by the men and women who live on this planet does not exist.

Why do I say that a world of women and men doesn’t exist? Because the world that exists, the world of globalisation, is solely a world of objects and monetary signs, a world of the free circulation of commodities and financial flows. It is exactly the world foreseen by Marx a hundred and fifty years ago: the world of the global market. In this world, there are only things—saleable objects—and signs—the abstract instruments of sale and purchase…

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