The Neurocognitive Revolution: Triumph or Undoing?

Hickman truly weighs in this time… Many so called academics locked up in their vicious circles, driving and driven by the axiomatics of militarist-capitalism, feeding and fed by the contemporary culture of death, have a lot to learn from him yet again… What is clearly depicted herein is nothing but the mechanism of the exploitation of mortality on a massive scale…


“Is there a silver lining in there somewhere? Hope? A second chance? Yes, for the very death drive that keeps us restlessly churning for the systems of death, is also the very force of creativity and inventiveness we need to get ourselves out of this mess if we would just act, take a stand, face the truth of things as they are not as we would like them to be. The Real is the great horror vacui of our age, the antagonistic calamity of that forced us into the crack of consciousness to begin with. The wound opened up by the poison of existence can only be healed by the instrument of that poison: a conscious decision. Decisions have repercussions, they need commitment and education, pain and memory, an ethical stance not of some external god-infested power but of the very real truth of our semantic depletion and knowledge of our limitations and ignorance, our finitude. Philosophers think we can move past such outmoded notions of limit and finitude when in deed and fact we have and will remain in the circle of consciousness unknowing of the very ground of real physical powers that intervene and create the very freedom and determinations of our being-in-the-world. Caught between external networks of knowledge and power, and internal drives of biological evolution we act as “vanishing mediators” (Zizek) between these intrinsic/extrinsic forces. It is only the courage of our acts, our decisions that sets us apart, not the impersonal and indifferent forces of the natural without and within us. It is the unnatural in us, the artificial that is both our glory and continuing sorrow; yet, it is the only apotropaic charm we have against being aborbed back into the Spinozoistic continuum of the Absolute energetic Real. We must forever desuture thought and being, allow this oscillation between the internal/external powers of the natural to play out in the gap of our subjectivity and subjectivation.”

Southern Nights

Donald Donald in his Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition (1993) once argued the australopithecines were limited to concrete/episodic minds: bipedal creatures able to benefit from pair-bonding, cooperative hunting, etc., but essentially of a seize-the-day mentality: the immediacy of the moment. The first transition away from the instant, the present, and toward a more temporal system of knowledge acquisition and transmission was to a “mimetic” culture: the era of Homo erectus in which mankind absorbed and refashioned events to create rituals, crafts, rhythms, dance, and other prelinguistic traditions. This was followed by the evolution to mythic cultures: the result of the acquisition of speech and the invention of symbols. The third transition carried oral speech to reading, writing, and an extended external memory- store seen today in computer and advanced machine or artificial Intelligence and extrinsic data-memory technologies.

At the same time that our external systems…

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