Altering the Supposedly Predestined Future

The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. ~ Karl Marx


We live on the cusp of things, an age when the human Anthroposcene is giving way to the inhuman. Nature no longer exists. We’re all artificial now. The engine of inhumanism is eating reality alive so that nothing human will as Land once said “get out alive”. We’re seeing the human vanish before our eyes, the last remnants of the humanist traditions are imploding, the worlds of metaphysical bric-a-brac are giving way to the triumph of sciences which are far stranger than philosophy which is actually quite conservative and conserving. I know I talk of Zizek, Badiou, Land, et. al… but in truth I’m a post-nihilist who has already crossed the post-human divide, the zone of no return where whatever we’re doing is part of some hyperstitional collective madness of constructing the future out of the ruins of a failed and failing world of humans into the inhuman worlds which seem to be imploding toward us out of the future.~ S.C. Hickman, Social Ecologies



Unfortunately the future has changed, it’s not the same good old brighter future anymore… Earth is rapidly going down the drain and we cannot even slow down the process… One only needs to look at science-fiction movies to see this: Most of them used to imagine a better future on Earth, but today this is reversed; the utopian imagination has turned against itself and most of these movies have become dystopias imagining a darker future and rather grim days to come… Of course many humans are aware of this fact, but they cannot help being driven towards a hell on Earth nevertheless… Acceptance of reality as it is doesn’t mean affirming it, one has to negate the current state of affairs in order to alter reality and create at least a less bad future for all of us, we humans, we animals and we the plants…

Hegel, probably the greatest philosopher of all time, had defined dialectic as “the unity of opposites”, as Jameson puts it in his Valences of the Dialectic… We can interpret this as the being-one-in-essence of the apparently opposite entities… Hence becoming is the coming out of that which is within… The self and the other are always already juxtaposed, or intertwined, but their roles are continually reversed over time… Just as life turns into death over time, an idea turns into its opposite as well, eventually becoming one with that which it is not… Now, we find ourselves in a situation wherein a victim is victimized twice in the name of “politically correct” values of civilised Western societies… Democracy and freedom turn against themselves to actualise themselves… The paradox of the human-condition at present is beyond measure, there is an inherent contradiction within the status-quo itself… In our world today the aggressors are protected and the victims are condemned in the name of justice… The problem is that this conception of justice itself signifies a massive injustice… These are dangerous waters, but we shouldn’t be afraid of “tarrying with the negative” against all odds… 

Militarist Capitalism

The countries keep falling into a crisis created by the very system in which they lose themselves… The crisis doesn’t exist before the governments create it… That’s how capitalism works, a crisis is created and then coped with… The failure of the states to cope with the problems piling up increases by the minute as the future rapidly disappears in an orgy of indifferent multiplicities governed by fools of all kinds… Unfortunately ignoring the problems doesn’t make them go away and that is precisely what our governments are doing… Making the same mistakes and expecting different results over and over again… Everything keeps getting worse all the while… The system is already totally bankrupt…

The rise of fascism is ongoing with full force all over the planet… An eye for an eye still keeps turning the whole world blind as usual… The planet is becoming one big gas chamber… The states and governments keep organising themselves against their own people all around the Earth… That’s the way ‪‎Militarist Capitalism‬ works, it’s not even neo-liberalism anymore (that would be too optimistic a term)… They create crisis in order to violently cope with it so that the people are left with no alternative and submit to the order of the day… They don’t allow people even to imagine a different world, hence the nihilistic despair drowning us in the capitalist ideology itself, which feeds on nothing but inequality and injustice as well as ethnic-religious conflict all around the planet…


To be able to change the course of events leading to a mostly man-made catastrophic future, or an artificial apocalypse, to act in the way of preventing an early demise of the organic life forms on Earth as we know it, and perhaps even become capable of altering these course of events in the right direction, we have to understand how the system in which we find ourselves works first, as Brassier has put it in an interview… And perhaps more importantly, we also have to understand how our minds work  in this process of understanding how the world works, as Zizek has put it numerous times in his books and lectures… Otherwise we mess things up and everything gets even worse than it already is… Change for the better requires the force of thought… And that is precisely why we preach becoming more human than human as we have come to know it…

Humans don’t learn, they only remember the truth… What we call truth is actually the forgetting of the ignorance of the past known as knowledge… A truth emerges only as the realisation of the falsity of history, it is a process, not a state… It’s not for nothing that we keep saying it can only get worse for all of us… The reason is that we humans have abolished rational thought itself together with the fidelity to the unknown truths of our time, as Badiou reckons here as well as elsewhere

The arrival of Anthropocene‬ means nothing but the death of the human as we come to know it… It signifies a stage of human-condition in which everyone suffers from the damage caused on the planet… Our existence as humans has direct negative effects on other beings such as plants and animals with which we share this habitat… The subject as Anthropocene must become conscious of its responsibility and take it upon itself to radically change its ways and means…

A massive amount of dying takes place in the womb for the transformation of the fetus into a human… Many of our cells die before we are born, we die so that we can be born… Our birth as humans requires our death as fetuses… Life is driven by death and inversely… The spaces between your fingers are the presences of non-being in being… The interactive process between your being and non-being is your becoming, your life is your death, a process, not a state… In this sense it is analogous to Badiou’s conception of truth as the process of situating eternity in time in accordance with a less bad future for all of us, we humans, we animals and the plants…

We may all need one of these in this perilous time full of terror all around…

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  1. When you add the usual Orthodox Marxian challenge: “Hitherto, philosophers have sought to understand the world; the point, however, is to change it.” I’m reminded of Zizek’s insistence that what needs to change is not the world itself, but rather “our perspective onto the world”. This change in epistemic and reflective “movement of the world” (Marx) entails both an acceptance that the world is not a dead object to be molded to our heart’s desire, and the facticity of things under the arbitration not of Ananke (Necessity), but rather under the trickster powers (i.e., Loki, Hermes, Coyote, etc.) of Contingency which exists outside the commerce and economy of doom and fate. This power that comes from elsewhere, that arises at the moment of eventual time not as some pure Platonic form/Idea, but rather as the inherent truth of that dialectical motion at the center of all ‘happenings’ (Kairos: opportune time) when the flux of things flows In-Between the Order of Things in such a way that our ‘frames of reference and inference’ no longer hold sway and the Real horror that cannot be displace by ideology of fantasy sheds its skin and reveal itself not as image or representation, but as the intelligence of things themselves – the flow not of some miraculous Will or Voluntarist explosion, but of that disposition in things themselves to move of their own accord between the pressures of time and becoming, present possibility and future impossibility. The moment between retroactive mediation and change, and the interminable movement of that which cannot be accounted or counted-as-One. This unnameable thing that just ‘is’, and is just ‘there’ in its ‘suchness’ without redress or example: the staging of a situation that has no double, no return; yet, is in its repetition the very enactment of the Impossible.

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