A New Low For Humanity


Take a look at these pictures and ask yourself, why has humanity become so heartless? And more importantly, why do our governments not carry out anything to help these victims of this endless war in the Middle East? Their living conditions are so bad that they see death as a release… The line between life and death doesn’t exist for many… The Syrian refugees in Turkey live in abominable conditions… Go to Istanbul and see for yourself, they sleep on the streets with no food or proper clothing… If the land was safe why would people put their children on a boat?


We have institutions such as the UN, NATO, EU or the Red Cross with immense financial resources, but they do next to nothing to solve this growing problem…. Days, weeks, months, years pass and the suffering of these innocent children, who have no clue as to what’s going on or why they are in pain, keeps increasing by the minute… Our so called developed countries, both in the East and the West, send more and more weapons, war-planes and bombs to Syria and Iraq, but when it comes to helping these people everyone turns a blind eye…. The same is true for Russia as much as it is true for USA, for Europe as well as the Middle-Eastern or Arab countries… They all drop bombs but none of them delivers aid…

Think about it, if we concentrated our powers and energies in the way of making an effort to set up camps at appropriate places, deliver food and clothing, if only the whole world united once for this one occasion, we could solve this problem in no more than a month…


Take a look at Greece for instance, only the volunteers are helping the refugees to stay alive, meanwhile the EU plans to give 3-4 Billion Euros to Turkey to take care of the refugees so that they don’t cross the EU borders, but we all know that Turkey itself is run by thieves and murderers capable of evil with no limits, besides it has its own civil war going on, the army killing its own people in the South East… Soon the Kurds will join the Syrian refugees knocking on the doors of Europe for help… The question is, why isn’t any money given to Greece or Lebanon to accomodate the refugees?


Take a look at Saudi-Arabia, they have hundreds of thousands of tents for the pligrims who go to Mecca every year, these tents have air conditioning among many other facilities, but not a single refugee is allowed in… Why have those in power become so heartless, cruel, evil? Call it what you may, but always remember this: Turning a blind eye on our problems doesn’t make them go away, reality is that which, when you ignore it, doesn’t just disappear… Ignoring what’s at stake here only makes this human tragedy grow and at the end of the day we will all drown unless we put more pressure on our very own governments to help these people who are the victims of a war initiated by the so called developed and democratic countries in which we live… Their blood is on our hands and only we can wash it away…


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