Eternity and a Day ~ Sonsuzluk ve Bir Gün

Eternity and a Day is a film directed by Theo Angelopoulos back in 1998… It is a story of love, regret, memory, light and darkness, hope and despair and ultimately, life and death. It is about death and new life, about a dying man who gives his life to save a child all others regard as useless, about captivity and redemption, about hope in tomorrow, faith in the future, and the nature of time and eternity…

At the end of the film, the dying Alexandre imagines he has met Anna once again, and he asks her: “One day I had asked you Anna, how long does the future last?” Anna answers: “An eternity and a day Alexandre, an eternity and a day…” She then disappears, and Alexandre is left alone, facing the sea and his eventual demise…


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