revoiding nothing and devoiding the void of its essence, nothing...

A revoiding of nothing and devoiding the void of its non-existent essence, it is a performative act of thought in the way of presenting that which is within and without it less and more than itself at the same time, a future anterior being-in-itself, nothing and everything at once…

The nihil and the infinite are conjunctively and disjunctively presented as one, an act of engaged indifference disjoins and conjoins them in one simultaneous movement of thought-force manifesting and manifested by a sense-logic of modulation as yet not conceivable from within the dominant projection-introjection mechanism driven by correlationist axiomatics in which the subject as non-being realizes its own (self)entrapment in a process of becoming other than itself, the executor of the actualization of its own annihilation without end…

Avoiding the Void
Avoiding the Void

It begins to appear as a being but not yet as as an existent… Noumenology brings forth the force of thought necessary to intervene in the process of its (self)entrapment and  in its break with the vicious cycle of  its own dispersal. The Nihil annihilates itself, the void is filled with a void, and hence the intensity of the degree of existence has been increased quantitatively and qualitatively…

Noumenology clears the old ground on which a new ground can emerge and sustain the conditions of possibility for the generation of a post-nihilistic thought-world ever yet to come and always already here and now…

There is indeed a spectre haunting our world, as Karl Marx has once put it… It’s the spectre of a future to come, it is the ghostly presence of the future here and now… For the future itself has become possible again after many movies all of which were perfectly capable of imagining and presenting the end of the world, but nevertheless none of which could even conceive of, nor would consider, even a minor change in capitalism itself, let alone imagine a better future and act upon the present in the way of carrying out that which is imagined in accordance with that which is not-I, the Real, non-being, call it what you may…

Observable_universe_logarithmic_illustration  by Pablo Carlos Budassi

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