Love in all Four Dimensions: Mystical, Psychoanalytical, Philosophical, and Revolutionary


In a previous post, I distinguished between several versions of love. I’d like to adjust my position ever so slightly. Unfortunately, I am writing this from a train and so I do not have access to my previous notes. I can only hope that I do not confuse my categories.

First, there is mystical love. The mystical experience celebrates love as an intimate and indescribable connection between one being and another within a world. It is important that love be understood as an experience because it is this experience which occludes the dimension of love as an imaginary phenomena as well as love as a perfectly rational philosophical system. The mystic experiences pure love. In other words, unlike the next category of love – namely, psychoanalytical or hysterical love – love, for the mystic, is something that can not be interpreted. Hence, love can not be worked through. Moreover, love…

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