Zizek’s Response to Chomsky


Recently, there was an interesting dig made at Slavoj Zizek from Naom Chomsky which you can listen to here:

The gist is that Zizek and Lacan et al are ‘posturing charlatans’ using ‘fancy terms’ and pretending to have ‘theory’ when they have no theory whatsoever (by which he means scientific empirical testable conclusions).

You can hear Zizek’s response here (from 1hr 30mins in) at a recent panel at Birkbeck in London:


But here is an “non-authorized and not accurate transcription” transcript of his response which I have typed up because I think it points to some interesting arguments against certain types of empirical research and the importance of theory (read my comments on this debate here):

What is that about, again, the academy and Chomsky and so on? Well with all deep respect that I do have for Chomsky, my first point is that Chomsky who always…

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