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HighIQPro has been developed by cognitive neuroscientist Dr Mark A. Smith who obtained a Ph.D in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the joint Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) program. Between 2000 and 2003 he was a Lecturer in the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Cambridge, England.

The popular alternatives: ‘No gain from brain training’ – Nature

There are a number of popular brain training products on the market. An authoritative study published in the scientific journal Nature has shown that these do not improve brain function. Skills on the specific exercises improve with practice, but these exercises do not result in IQ or memory gains. The evidence for brain fitness benefits is simply not forthcoming.

This Nature study of popular brain training products can be found here:

The only brain training exercise that increases IQ & memory

Only one brain training exercise has been scientifically proven to improve IQ and memory – originally tested by Dr Susanne Jaeggi and further developed and improved in HighIQPro:

I know, there is a huge market of software concerning brain training, IQ-training, and so on. But there is no real scientific evidence that these programs actually work, that is, that they actually boost intelligence or train something else than the task itself. The … fact that we reliably showed transfer effects after training, and moreover, that we showed transfer to such an important function as intelligence is a very new and exciting finding in our field.

Dr Susanne Jaeggi, University of Michigan

This method has ben developed by over two decades by experts in the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience, including Professor Alan Baddeley, Professor John Jonides & Dr. Susanne Jaeggi. It has been endorsed by the leading IQ scholars in the scientific community:

Increasing intelligence is possible after all …with more training leading to greater gains …across the spectrum of abilities.

Robert Sternberg, Professor of Psychology

The HighIQPro application, developed by Dr Mark A. Smith, implements what was effective in the original Jaeggi n-back, while significantly improving on its functionality, and also incorporating IQ puzzles, for motivating training of logical and problem solving skills.

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HighIQPro is a scientifically proven brain training application. 20 days of training, 20 minutes per day, results in a quantified, measurable 10-20 point increase in IQ level and 40% increase in memory capacity – money back guaranteed.

HighIQPro training results in neuroplasticity changes for brain fitness and a long-term IQ and memory increase, helping you achieve higher levels of cognitive performance and problem solving ability.

Benefits of HighIQPro brain training

HighIQPro training increases your IQ, including:

  • Problem solving and analytic intelligence
  • Processing speed
  • Short term (working) memory

General cognitive benefits for daily life include:

  • General intelligence gains – the ability to reason, problem solve and make intelligent decisions
  • Short term memory gains – the ability to hold in mind & manage more information
  • Brain fitness – your overall level of mental health, power and efficiency
  • Goal focus – the ability to attend to, and keep on track with your goals…

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