Thoughts on Immortality: From a Skeptical Philosopher Who Doesn’t Want to Be Decieved, But Sees Potential in Ibn Arabi, and Spacetime Smearing


As anyone who’s read this blog recently knows, this has been a time of loss in my life. And this has lead me to return to questions that once seemed much less interesting to the philosophical side of me. Like if philosophy should provide comfort in the face of loss, death, pain, etc.

This post will advance a theory of immortality based in Sufi philosophy, and contemporary quantum physics, and some detours in neuropsych, and theories of belief. A wild ride indeed, but one full of hope.

Neuro-Agnosticism: A Neurological Approach to the Issue of God and Immortality

I’ve long ago given up ‘believing’ the religion I was taught as a child. Over the past few years, I’ve often described myself as “neuro-agnostic,” a neologism of my own devising, by which I mean the fact that I think the human brain is wired, in at least in the set of…

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