How to Squeeze an Entire Universe into Three Seconds or Less: An Answer to ‘Brassier’s Problem’

“The discovery that a number of people are not only mining the problematic that obsessed me when I was a graduate student, but actually homing in on the same family of texts that I had gravitated to has… well, to put it honestly, convinced me that maybe I’m not so crazy after all. I’m not talking about the new ‘Continental Realists,’ but rather philosophers who are mining parallel, but quite critical tracks: David Roden, Martin Hagglund, and Ray Brassier.

I’m presently reading Brassier’s Nihil Unbound, which is turning into one of those rare syncretic works that handily outruns the ‘original philosophies’ that it explicates, critiques, and attempts to synthesize. It’s certainly not a book I would write, and I actually think it’s unfortunate that Brassier’s imagination became mired in works like After Finitude, which (as far as I can tell) succeeds in being every bit as antiquated as it attempts to be. (I’ll be posting on Meillassoux in the near future, but ‘correlation’ strikes me as a dull attempt to foist the epistemological dilemma as a profound and novel diagnosis of the tradition (Laruelle’s ‘decision’ is much more interesting), backed up with an egregious misreading of Heidegger, and a very curious (given his use of set theory) second-order blindness to way his claim-making cuts against the claims made).”

Read More via How to Squeeze an Entire Universe into Three Seconds or Less: An Answer to ‘Brassier’s Problem’.


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