Screening Thought: Slavoj Zizek and Paul Taylor (Video)


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  1. OK. 23:14 into this I cannot understand why Taylor is rehashing Foucault’s The Order of Things and The Archeology of Knowledge in a way that makes me believe he hasn’t thoroughly studied wither one of them. And I cannot believe that is possible. Taylor has certainly read them carefully. Hasn’t he?

    Marcuse has also addressed the problem of the media. As Pac-Man it eats up all opposition and digests it to its benefit. Has he read Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media as the entire process is carefully analyzed in it. People who enter the media are carefully screened out of it if they deviate from the template. In other words if they have the littlest tiny tendency of not toeing the party line. Foucault’s Abnormal Lekcutres at the College de France in 74=75 (I think) carefully, relentlessly guide your mind into this awful inscription of the body/mind.

    Taylor is interpreting. Sontag ended that in her Against Interpretation and Foucault finished the job. Complaining won’t help as the oposition is absorbed. Foucault and Baudrillard teaches us this.

    I am trying to bring Baudrillard mainstream with Twilight (yes, fug you Twilight) and DeLillo’s Cosmopolis soon to be made into a film by Cronenberg with Robert Pattinson.

    This is our fuggin’ chance to bring Baudrillard and Lacan mainstream.

  2. All Taylor has talked about up until 23:14 is Foucault’s Dominating Discourse. Three decades have passed with this concept. Get with the program.

    McLuhan’s The Medium Is the Message was 50 years ago!

  3. Now I’m at 30:50 with Zizek. Diane Rubenstein’s This Is Not A President with great cool and in a wicked funny way has shredded Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and also has a chapter on presidential ladies and one on Hillary herself. Using Baudrillard, Lacan and gender feminist such as Judith Butler she sees them for us through post post-modernism if we want to get into isms.

    Don’t miss her. Now to get back to this wonderful interview that I find thrilling.

  4. I am up to 43:10 with Zisek and I love his passion. I am at a loss as to his innocence concerning the media when he discusses what they did with his interview on tape material. Why did he not expect them to not have any integrity?

  5. Well now that I have really listened to all of this I wish I could delete all of the above comments. Please do it for me?

    Zizek is wonderful, just wonderful!

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