The Deleuzian Notion of the Image: Slicing the World, Or Cinema Beyond the Human (via Networkologies)

Crystal-image-eye: Deleuze‘s Worldslicing

What precisely does Deleuze mean by cinema, and with it, the image? And why should a philosopher, or filmmaker, care? It seems to me that his radical notion of the image, straddling both philosophy and film, is so incredibly powerful, if often misunderstood. Many find his cinema books impenetrable, but once one understands this key notion, they open up. What does it mean, for Deleuze, to do cinema, to image an aspect of the world?

The Strange Case of the Cinema Books: Some Context as an Introduction

I’m currently teaching Deleuze’s Cinema I & II, once again, to my students. And I think part of the reason I keep teaching these books, aside from the fact that at an art school they are so incredibly relevant, is that they are so incredibly, polymorphously fertile texts.… Read More

via Networkologies

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